Chongqing will abolish 64 administrative licenses

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Chongqing will abolish 64 administrative licenses including salt packaging. From July 1, Chongqing will abolish 64 administrative licenses including the approval of salt product packaging and product identification. Yesterday, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress announced the specific list of the abolished administrative licenses

the specific items are as follows: the approval of the competent department of Ethnic Affairs for the establishment of ethnic schools and classes; The surveying and mapping assets of the resident offices of the surveying and mapping units outside the city strive for beauty and service life, and also hope that consumers like the verification of the grade; Preliminary examination of real estate development enterprise qualification; Annual qualification inspection of real estate development enterprises; Examination and approval for production and operation of leased residential buildings; Preliminary qualification examination of real estate intermediary service institutions; Examination and approval of qualification level of real estate intermediary service institutions; Qualification certification of real estate intermediary practitioners; Construction permit for small construction project; Examination and approval of the qualification of the project construction management unit; Examination and approval of the planning and design scheme of the park construction project; Examination and approval of planning and design schemes for park landscape and scenic spot construction, garden sketch architecture and scenic spot road system; Tourism business license; The preliminary examination of the establishment of domestic travel agencies by the tourism administration departments of districts and counties (autonomous counties and cities); Examination and approval for peacetime use of civil air defense works; Examination and approval of transfer and change of civil air defense assets; Approval of water use scheme of new water users; The high-end equipment for planned water use has made a major breakthrough, and the unit has increased the approval of water use plan indicators; Examination and approval of the design scheme of water-saving facilities for construction projects with an average monthly water consumption of more than 6000 cubic meters (including 6000 cubic meters); Work permit for ship garbage acceptance; Review of non-state-owned forest land exchange; Examination and approval of foreigners' field investigation, specimen collection, film shooting and video recording of wildlife not under special state protection; Approval of domestication and breeding plan and product sales plan; Type approval of agricultural power machinery without license management; The technical qualification of the operation units and individuals that fill and release the balloons; Qualification certification of personnel engaged in lightning protection device installation design, construction and testing; Qualification certification of water and soil conservation scheme preparation unit; Qualification approval of the person in charge of the water conservancy project management and protection unit and the engineering management technicians; To avoid the occurrence of these problems, people engage in judicial expertise licensing; Filing of fire protection products; Qualification certificate of brokerage practitioners; Qualification certificate of tobacco purchasing personnel; Approval of salt product packaging and product identification; Pre qualification examination of natural gas enterprises; Market registration certificate; Market name verification; Qualification certificate of measuring personnel; Pre examination and approval of non postal enterprises and units engaged in postal business; Inspector certificate; Qualification examination of telecommunication engineering construction unit; Qualification certificate of statistical post; To set up operational statistical information service institutions for examination; Examination and approval of operational statistical investigation activities by domestic organizations and individuals; Qualification license of TCM technical service personnel; Examination and approval of school running qualification of traditional Chinese medicine; Preliminary examination of the establishment of Chinese foreign cooperative medical institutions; Examination and approval of foreign training courses and refresher courses; Examination and approval of foreign exchange and scientific and technological cooperation; Medical institution license for foreign premarital examination; Business license for sports events with large amount of investment; Examination and approval of one-time sports business activities; Examination and approval of raising funds for sports field advertising; Examination and approval of sports business activities; The establishment of sports market intermediary service agencies for examination and approval; Examination and approval for the establishment of STD subjects in medical institutions; Examination and approval of setting up STD specialized hospitals, outpatient clinics and clinics; The administrative department of public health shall examine and approve the publication, broadcasting, publication and posting of advertisements for diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS; Qualification assessment of archivists; Examination and approval of the transfer of archives of bankrupt enterprises; Foreigners or overseas organizations use the archives that have been opened to time the loading time for approval; Publish collective or personal file review; Review of building naming; Examination and approval of the qualification of village and town construction craftsmen; Approval for posting outdoor advertisements in the posting column

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