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Chongqing Publishing Bureau vigorously promotes the development of printing and packaging industry in the following six aspects:

first, grasp the development trend and actively guide printing and packaging enterprises to become bigger and stronger

the printing and packaging industry is a sunrise industry. Today, with economic globalization, its status and role are becoming increasingly prominent, and it has a potential market with broad fields and huge demand, which is an important part of the publishing industry

as the competent department of the industry, Chongqing Publishing Bureau, while performing the functions of government departments, actively guides and checks whether the wiring and socket are good, standardized and prosperous, and the printing and packaging industry is developing in a scientific, healthy and orderly manner, so as to truly meet the needs of the city's economic and social development. The leading group of the Bureau reviewed the situation, focused on the general trend of the city's economic construction and industrial adjustment, correctly studied and judged the development situation and needs of the industry, focused on the goal of cultivating and strengthening the printing and packaging industry, emancipated the mind, renewed ideas, transformed functions, broadened vision, worked solidly, adhered to the integration of industrial development with local economic needs, and insisted on the transformation from traditional printing and packaging industry to commercial printing and packaging industry, Insist on cultivating and supporting local printing and packaging enterprises to become bigger and stronger. By organizing enterprises to learn the management concept of advanced and developed regions, and expanding the vision of enterprise operators, the industry has improved its understanding, updated its concept, learned technology, and enhanced its determination and confidence to promote the vigorous development of the printing and packaging industry in the city

in the face of the historic development opportunity of HP and other world top 500 IT enterprises' large-scale entry into Chongqing and the sharp increase in demand for various supporting packaging and printing, CD-ROM replication and so on, the municipal Publishing Bureau fully mobilized the enthusiasm of all parties, took advantage of all possibilities and opportunities, and took the initiative to bridge the gap for enterprises. Tensile machine tensile test is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials, and supported the printing and packaging replication enterprises in Chongqing to carry out cross regional, cross industry and cross ownership restructuring, In a short period of time, the company completed the adjustment and transformation of qualification, technology, equipment, management and marketing, and made various preparations for the industrial transfer

II. Strengthen standardized management and vigorously promote the scale development of the printing and packaging industry

in order to standardize management, the municipal Publishing Bureau launched a six-month special rectification action for the printing and packaging industry in 2009, focusing on the implementation of five systems, printing procedures, unlicensed operation, beyond the scope of operation, transfer of licenses, etc. At the same time, it actively implemented the contact system for key printing enterprises above Designated Size, worked hard to build a printing and packaging supervision system based on four major access, resolutely banned printing and packaging enterprises that seriously violated regulations and did not meet the qualification conditions, enhanced the guidance of the government's industrial policies, strengthened the macro-control power of the competent departments of the industry, highlighted the pertinence and timeliness of industry management, and the strength, brand Its popularity and characteristics have been further highlighted, and it has stepped into the fast lane of healthy development

there are 3694 printing and packaging enterprises (including printing and copying) in Chongqing, including 47 publication printing enterprises; 157 publications were specially printed (11 for special binding and 32 for special plate making); 515 packaging, decoration and printing houses; 866 other printing houses; There are 2099 copying and printing businesses. The industry is at the leading level in the western region, with four-color imported advanced equipment such as Heidelberg, Roland, gaobao and Komori, and more advanced equipment such as eight color high-speed rotation. In terms of packaging, decoration and printing, it has complete categories, advanced equipment and a good industrial foundation. There are paper printing such as color boxes and color boxes led by the production of cigarette labels, plastic printing of clothing, food and daily necessities, woven bag printing for Industry and agriculture, etc. the business scope covers the western region

as of december31,2009, the original value of the city's printing and packaging industry's fixed assets had reached 8.825 billion yuan, an increase of 12.09% over 2008; The total industrial output value reached 8.278 billion yuan, an increase of 31.29% over 2008; Tax and profit totaled 786million yuan, an increase of 42.29% over 2008; It has provided 52900 permanent fixed jobs for the whole city, an increase of 21.01% over 2008; Two large-scale packaging and decoration printing enterprises with a total investment of more than 80million yuan have been added. The city's printing and packaging industry has stepped up to a new level, showing new vitality in industrial development, and has the competitive strength and industrial foundation to serve the city's economic and industrial development needs

III. focusing on leading enterprises and striving to improve the local steel structure can also further open up the core competitiveness of printing and packaging in public infrastructure and other fields.

in promoting the development of printing and packaging industry, the municipal Publishing Bureau has always taken expanding and strengthening leading enterprises as the focus of promoting the development of the industry. While vigorously supporting the development of local enterprises, it also pays great attention to introducing and cultivating leading enterprises. It has successively contacted with well-known printing and packaging enterprises at home and abroad, such as Yachang enterprise group, Zhonghua commerce, Jintai packaging, and strives to implement its major projects in Chongqing. At present, two project cooperation intentions have been reached, involving digital printing, color box packaging printing, etc. At the same time, actively cultivate local leading enterprises, give support in policy preference, market environment, industrial resources, etc., and play a demonstration and agglomeration role in the development of the industry

Chongqing Hualin Printing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive private printing enterprise focusing on publication printing. It is a backbone printing and packaging enterprise in Chongqing. It has strong strength. Its five subordinate enterprises are excellent enterprises, and its business covers more than ten provinces, autonomous regions and cities in China. With the strong support and help of the municipal Publishing Bureau, the enterprise has achieved leapfrog development, with fixed assets of 300million yuan, more than 1000 varieties, and an annual output value of more than 300million yuan. It ranks among the best in China, and has become the leading printing and packaging enterprise in the city and even in the western region, greatly improving the core competitiveness of the printing and packaging industry in the city

IV. create industrial clusters and improve the degree of industrial concentration and intensification

problems such as scattered, small, weak and poor printing and packaging industry in Chongqing have seriously restricted industrial development. In order to completely change this situation, the municipal Publishing Bureau, through the vigorous coordination and promotion of the past year, the first traditional and digital printing and packaging characteristic industrial park integrating R & D, production and logistics - Chongqing modern printing and packaging base project was officially settled in Luohuang, Jiangjin in march2009

the base is planned to cover an area of about 2 square kilometers and will be constructed in two phases. Adopting the intensive and large-scale development mode, in accordance with the principles of economic optimization and industrial agglomeration, aiming at developing industrial clusters and building industrial chains, and aiming at completely changing the scattered, small, weak and poor printing and packaging industry in our city, we strive to improve the degree of industrial concentration and intensification, improve the utilization rate of equipment, enhance the supporting capacity of the park, and produce various printing and packaging products to meet the needs of the society for printing and packaging products and services. After the completion of the base, it can accommodate more than 100 printing and packaging enterprises, as well as a large number of supporting enterprises providing raw and auxiliary materials, printing and packaging equipment, warehousing and logistics, scientific research, training and other service functions, forming a modern printing and packaging and cultural industrial park with a relatively complete industrial chain and an annual output value of more than 10billion yuan, adding tens of thousands of jobs, and achieving remarkable social and economic benefits

v. change work functions and strive to improve guidance and service level

Chongqing Publishing Bureau actively changes functions and work methods, turns management into service, turns policies into actions, takes the initiative to provide door-to-door services, constantly goes deep into the grass-roots level to carry out research activities, and widely listens to the aspirations of enterprise operators. It actively solves problems for private enterprises, and strives to build a development platform for private enterprises, which has promoted the vigorous development of the printing and packaging industry for all citizens. Its production capacity has accounted for more than 80% of the total printing and packaging production capacity of the city, becoming the main force to promote the development of printing and packaging industry in the city

Chongqing jinyadi Color Printing Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise, which began to stumble at the beginning of this century. With the strong support and correct guidance of the municipal Publishing Bureau, the enterprise blazed a new path, took the road of technology research and development and process improvement, quickly opened up the situation and established a good brand. At present, the enterprise has become the first brand of Chongqing fine printing, and has stepped into the benign development track of double harvest of economic and social benefits

VI. pay attention to training and appraisal, and build a high-quality staff team in the printing and packaging industry

in order to implement the relevant requirements of the General Administration of publishing on the four admittance, the municipal Publishing Bureau took the lead to increase the training of industry talents, actively cooperate with the municipal labor department and relevant colleges, vigorously build the system and mechanism for the sustainable cultivation of professional talents in the printing and packaging industry in the city, and carry out vocational skill certification all year round, Strive to build a printing and packaging industry talent team suitable for building a strong publishing city. In September this year, the first batch of enrollment was started, and two higher vocational majors were opened. Each year, more than 200 professionals with college degree or above could be trained, laying a solid talent foundation for the sustainable development of the city's printing and packaging industry and boosting the development of the city's printing and packaging industry

Weston in the above six aspects? On the basis of reducing the consumption of antioxidant by 20% in 705, the municipal Publishing Bureau will continue to adhere to the scientific concept of development, closely follow the pace of the city's economic and industrial development, focus on supporting packaging and decoration printing enterprises, and take various effective measures to promote the upgrading of the industry

first, administration according to law and standardized management, issued guidance on Further Strengthening the management of publication printing enterprises, and reiterated the conditions for the division of their business scope and qualification application

second, adjust the administrative measures for examination and approval of printing enterprises in the city, and clarify the examination and approval authority, responsibilities and filing system at the urban (county) level

third, further strengthen the guidance and promotion of industrialization, intensification and scale of the printing and packaging industry in the city

fourth, further define the development direction of packaging and decoration printing, actively support existing enterprises to increase investment, carry out technological transformation and enhance competitiveness

fifth, actively provide services, build a development platform to help enterprises grow and expand the business field of printing and packaging industry in our city

sixth, continue to organize enterprises to learn and promote the advanced experience and technology in cultivating and developing the printing and packaging industry in other places, especially in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangdong, so as to promote the printing and packaging industry in our city to a new level

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