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Chongqing SHANKUANG Technology Co., Ltd.

Chongqing SHANKUANG Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise in the mining Electromechanical industry integrating R & D and design, manufacturing and sales, and brand agency

the company mainly realizes this technical key product:

the only domestic bypass free soft start cabinet for high-efficiency and energy-saving crushing machinery

the world's top coal well special pump mine explosion-proof electrical and electronic control system

new LED lithium miner's lamp and intelligent charging rack...

the company's products highlight energy conservation and environmental protection, and pursue perfection in R & D and design. The crusher integrates 5 national patented technologies, and its output is 30% - 120% higher than that of conventional crusher; The water pump is made of imported wear-resistant materials with German technology, and its service life is 12 times that of traditional wear-resistant parts; The motor starting cabinet is the only domestic soft starting cabinet without bypass, which is secondary developed by introducing foreign leading technology

the company has a R & D team composed of senior engineering and technical personnel, and has established good R & D cooperation relations with many well-known enterprises and research institutes to ensure that the technical performance of its products is at the domestic leading level

the company has a marketing team composed of excellent marketing professionals to support its sound marketing and after-sales service system

the company adheres to the business tenet of "people-oriented technology. In the process of selection, the majority of users can combine their own conditions to choose innovative and honest management to create a well-known brand" and can also test various properties such as strength, wear resistance, ventilation and aging

the company is willing to actively cooperate with new and old partners to seek common development and create brilliance

Company Name: Chongqing SHANKUANG Technology Co., Ltd.



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