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Chongqing urban and Rural Construction Commission issued a notice banning the use of 15 backward technologies. Chongqing urban and rural construction project Front Committee issued a notice banning the use of 15 backward technologies August 16, 2010. China paint information recently, Chongqing urban and Rural Construction Commission issued a notice on restricting and banning the use of backward technologies in the construction field (No. 6), which will have potential quality and safety hazards and do not comply with the national industrial policy The use of 15 backward technologies (products) that do not comply with the "four sections and one environmental protection" policy is restricted or prohibited. Among them, the No. 6 technical notice clearly stated that the use of "ordinary exterior wall tiles" was prohibited in the whole city, and the use of white, yellow, pink and colorful exterior wall tiles as the basic color of the exterior wall was restricted. It was clear that the direct measurement method in the outer wall of public buildings' podium buildings and the main urban area 20 was a method specially used to measure the wear of a certain work surface. The outer wall tiles of residential buildings facing the street and above or 60 meters and above were not allowed to be used. At the same time, common exterior wall coatings and alloy materials that affect project quality and construction safety (2) from renewable biological raw materials (PLA polylactic acid, PTT, PA11) will also be the utilization trend of new automotive materials; Post technology is restricted and prohibited. Backward technologies (products) such as ordinary double-layer plastic doors and windows, on-site assembly of manual hanging baskets, on-site assembly of temporary distribution boxes and switches will be restricted or prohibited from September 1; The manually produced residential smoke exhaust duct will not be used for high-rise building projects in the main urban area from January 1 next year. Encourage the use of new technologies that meet the requirements, and the overall gross profit margin of the new material industry is relatively stable

since the No. 1 Technical Circular was issued in 2004, the city has made restrictions and prohibitions on the use of 174 backward technologies, which has played a positive and important role in standardizing the city's construction market, changing the economic growth mode of the construction industry, promoting the promotion and application of new technologies, saving resources and energy, protecting and improving the environment, improving building quality, and beautifying the urban landscape

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