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Five basic factors affecting the development of electric door industry editor: Ronggao door industry

the development of electric door is not only related to the overall operation of the enterprise, but also related to the market and various external factors. In fact, in general, the impact on the development of electric door is mainly reflected in six aspects. Here is a detailed analysis of these five factors:

1, price factor

price factor is a very sensitive factor, Because customers always want to buy a product with good quality and low price, and as a manufacturer, they always want to raise the price as high as they can. Therefore, how to price will affect the sales volume and profits of the entire electric telescopic door enterprise

2. Quality factor

in the current electric door market, quality is the foundation and core of the whole enterprise, because if an enterprise does not provide a good quality product, it means that it is difficult for it to gain a foothold in the industry

3. Installation quality factors

at present, most of the electric doors are contracted out for interior or exterior decoration projects, and party a rarely directly entrusts professional companies to construct them. In this way, some interior decoration companies will find some unprofessional personnel to construct or find someone who has installed oneortwo electric doors before, so they will call him to construct them. Because the functions of low-grade electric doors are less at this stage, the installation is relatively convenient, and some interior decoration companies even install them themselves, These personnel did not understand the installation key of the electric door, so they had problems in the later use process

4. Safety factor

safety eyes should be added at the entrances and exits of many people flow, such as banks and self-service banks. However, due to the above price factors or the user's insufficient understanding of the electric door, the safety eyes are ignored, which leads to people standing by the door, and the electric telescopic door will continue to close and pinch people. At this time, people will push the door by hand, resulting in the failure of the electric door

5. Service factor

a common sense that many people have is to carry out maintenance during the running in period, normal use, cleaning, dust removal, refueling, screw tightening, etc. after buying a new car. In the life of electric telescopic doors, not many people get these care. Many companies, including decoration companies, will pay more attention to sales than service, and even some big brand electric telescopic door manufacturers will do so. In this way, there are problems of spare parts supply, maintenance time, maintenance quality and so on in the service process, because most electric doors will be installed at some important entrances and exits

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