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Moving to a new house should have been pleasant, but Ms. Yang Zhaoyuan, who has just moved into the new house for only half a year, has become more and more hearty recently

I should have been in a happy mood when I moved to my new house, but Ms. Yang Zhaoyuan, who has just stayed in her new house for only half a year, has become more and more hearty recently. She spent more than 10000 yuan to buy the super wear-resistant floor with her friends and relationships. After only half a year, the gap between the floors was too large and the slats were upturned. Walking on the uneven floor, Ms. Yang was also indignant. Ms. Yang asked her friend to investigate the responsibility of the dealer, but her friend said that at that time, because the price was cheap and the quality publicity on the certificate was very good, the wooden floor purchased at a price lower than the market price did not ask for purchase evidence at all, so she was unable to negotiate with the dealer

is this "muddle headed account" paid by yourself? Ms. Yang took a picture of the "problem" floor, took down a piece of the wooden floor, and came to Zhaoyuan industrial and commercial department with her friends to complain and ask for treatment. Without any legal purchase credentials, law enforcement officials said that they could only coordinate and solve the problem through on-site investigation with the idea of trying

according to the business address identified by the party concerned, the law enforcement officers came to a private decorative material store in the urban area. Shrewd merchants seize the fact that there is no purchase invoice and refuse to bear responsibility. Under the patient persuasion and testimony of law enforcement officers and Ms. Yang's friends, the shopkeeper promised to install high-quality floors for Ms. Yang at a preferential price, but he would not bear any losses. At this point, Ms. Yang can only swallow the bitter fruit

in view of consumers' complaints about the quality of wood flooring, law enforcement officers randomly visited several other decorative material stores. It is found that there are many tricks to confuse consumers with wooden floors in the market. It is not enough to measure the quality of wooden floors only by looking at certificates

problem 1: the origin of raw materials is vague. Law enforcement officers found in several decorative material stores in the urban area that many businesses, especially some foreign wood flooring brands, indicated on their advertisements which kind of wood was produced as raw material, including many unheard of wood names, "Gibraltar wood", "Madrid wood", "beech king", "Raphael wood", "Amazon wood", etc. A wood flooring seller surnamed Liu told law enforcement officials: "some internationally renowned brands of flooring are produced in the country of origin and transported directly, and some have special manufacturers in China. We are only responsible for the sales link. As for whether the wood used for production comes from all over the world, we don't know." When law enforcement officials asked to see the certificate of wood origin, Mr. Liu's answer was shorter: "No."

problem 2: the quality is unsatisfactory. In a shop, Mr. Wu, who was preparing to buy floors, told law enforcement officials that he had been wandering around the building materials markets for more than a week and still couldn't make up his mind. Consumers at the scene reported to the law enforcement that the most common quality problems of wood flooring were floor tile deformation, cracking, hidden cracking, parting, blistering of paint surface, etc

according to a person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, the main problems found in the recent spot check of wooden floors are: first, the formaldehyde emission is unqualified. The main reasons for exceeding the standard are that the adhesive formula used in the product is unscientific, and the glue making process is backward. Second, the surface wear resistance index is unqualified. Third, the static bending strength does not meet the standard requirements. This index is unqualified, which indicates that the mechanical strength of the product is poor, and it is prone to fracture and other problems in use

law enforcement departments remind consumers: when buying flooring, they should see clearly the relevant certificates and test reports issued by national authoritative departments such as the certificate of origin of wood, quality safety certificate, etc. in addition, they should also pay attention to the environmental protection, wear resistance and other indicators advocated by merchants, and consumers must pay attention to retain the relevant evidence of purchase, such as shopping invoices and warranty sheets




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