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[] parents work hard for their children all their lives, and children should repay the kindness of upbringing. If you live with your parents, then decorate them with a warm and suitable room for the elderly. [related reading: please don't ignore the details of the decoration of the elderly's room] first, create a convenient and smooth space for the elderly. For the elderly, a smooth space can make it more convenient for them to walk and take things, which requires that the furniture in the home should stand against the wall as far as possible, and the style of the furniture should be low, which is convenient for them to take and put things. The bed should be set near the door to facilitate the elderly to enter the toilet at night. Foldable, wheeled and other highly mobile furniture are easy to harm the elderly if you are not careful. Therefore, in terms of furniture selection, stable single piece furniture should be selected, and fixed furniture is a better choice. Scattered objects are easy to trip the elderly. The most common ones are scattered wires, which can be fixed with hooks to make the space fresh and safe. Decoration of old people's house jiazhuang6 Second, build a mature and stable atmosphere. Jacquard cloth, brocade cloth, etc. can be used as the living curtains of the elderly. The thick and elegant texture and patterns, as well as the gorgeous weaving techniques, can also reflect the mature and stable wise demeanor of the elderly. Www. 68mn. In addition, heavy curtains bring a stable sleeping environment, which is very good for the elderly. The color matching with depth is very suitable for the elderly's bedroom. For example, Dark Walnut colored furniture can be used on single piece furniture such as beds, cabinets and tea tables, while the color of bedding, decorative cloth and walls should be in light tones. In this way, a single room looks harmonious and elegant, and reveals the mature temperament of the elderly. 3、 No matter how good the physical condition of the elderly is, falling and other conditions are still very dangerous for them. The bathroom is the most accident prone place, because the moisture will cause the ground to be wet and slippery. The bathroom floor must choose non slip materials. The bathroom floor paved with small pieces of mosaic is more non slip than other materials. In addition, all kinds of anti slip mats sold on the market are also good partners for the elderly. It can be placed at the bathroom door, inside and outside the bathtub. The floor of the bedroom is also best to choose non slip materials. Otherwise, once the smooth floor tile or wooden floor is accidentally sprinkled with water, it is very easy for the old man to slip. For families that have laid ordinary floor tiles or wood floors, you can choose a few more decorative carpets, which not only beautify the space, but also ensure the safety of the elderly. 4、 Setting safety armrests and shower seats is not too much for the elderly. As people get older, many old people begin to have difficulty moving. Getting up, sitting down and bending down have become difficult movements. In addition to the proper support of family members, the auxiliary handrail set on the wall has become a good helper for them. The handrails made of waterproof materials are installed beside the bathtub, on both sides of the toilet and the washbasin, which can make the life of the elderly with mobility difficulties more comfortable. In addition, the automatic flushing equipment installed on the toilet can avoid the trouble of the elderly turning around and wiping, which is very practical for the elderly. In addition, the elderly can't stand for a long time, so setting folding seats along the wall in the shower area can not only save the elderly's physical strength, but also save space when not in use




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